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the right media people with the right media jobs

Putting the right Media People in the right Media Jobs


 the right media people with the right media jobs

People are valuable. They fuel success.

For better or for worse, the fundamentals of the working world have changed and no longer is consistent, full-time employment a certainty. As a result, our mission is to help people navigate the “new order” and ensure quality employment in the media industry is made available to them.

Our responsibility is also to ensure that individual talent is recognized, valued, and hired. Every single person we work with has the expertise and the ability to positively contribute to the media community, whether it is filling a freelance, contract, or full-time role.

Our Difference

What makes Media Staffing Inc. unique is our many years’ experience in the industry, resulting in first-hand knowledge, experience, and understanding of the jobs we are helping to fill. Another reason we're different is our extensive Media industry network which provides us with the contacts necessary to successfully handle your short and long term employment needs.

But the main difference is that we come to you with an existing, and growing, directory of talent to select from. No need to sift through a whole bunch of resumes. We help you keep it focused and simple.


Mission Statement

Media staffing Inc. is a solutions-based company dedicated to providing quality Media-industry talent for both the short and long term employment requirements of advertising agencies and suppliers.


Liquid Workforce

The growing “Gig Economy”, which focuses on freelance and contract work, has created fluidity in the employment sector. This is known as Liquid Workforce.


Turnkey Solutions

Media Staffing Inc. is the first-ever talent agency in Canada dedicated exclusively to the Media industry. We have a talent directory comprised of all levels and skill sets to select from, and we manage the process from beginning to end.

Areas of Expertise

✓ Media Assistants

✓ Media Buyers

✓ Media Planners/Strategists

✓ Marketing/Business Dev.


✓ Social Media Specialists

✓ AdOps

✓ Project Managers

✓ Sales

✓ Sales Assistants/Co-ordinators

✓ Research

✓ Manager/Supervisor

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