Ageism in the Media Industry

Posted by Media Staffing Inc., all rights reserved.

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room again: ageism in the media. It’s real, and it’s unfortunate.

It may come as a surprise, but many senior media people are no longer interested in senior positions and climbing the ladder just doesn’t appeal to them anymore. Many have had their fill of jockeying for position and playing the “game.”

Sadly, hiring managers often overlook these quality people, assuming they will cost too much money or that they are only interested in management and/or senior roles based on their past work experience.

If they were only given the courtesy of a chat, many would tell you that they are mainly passionate about being productive and involved in an industry they love. And oh, the things they bring to the table! Years of experience, mentoring capabilities, client relationship-building skills, ability to navigate internal processes, an extensive network—so much knowledge and expertise, all but being ignored.

This industry should not be reserved for those under 35. Yes, the industry DOES need young people. They inspire and bring fresh ideas to the table, introduce new ways of looking at things, and instill enthusiasm and excitement. However, having a mix of all ages is the absolute winning combination, given that each demographic brings varied skills and knowledge to the table and understands how to best market to their peers.

So, the next time you come across the resume of someone senior applying for a role that you think is too junior for them, don’t presume—give them a moment of your time. You may very well be pleasantly surprised and glad that you did.