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How We Work

At Media Staffing Inc. our priority is to make sure that your experience with us as stress-free and turnkey as possible.


We appreciate that trying to hire someone can be yet one more thing you need to add to your day. You know. One more on top of those thirty other things. If that's what you're facing, then Media Staffing Inc. is the answer:

  • We eliminate the work of looking for the perfect candidate
  • We do all the organizing
  • We do all the paperwork, you have better things to do
  • We guarantee our talent


We recognize that looking for a job can be frustrating and overwhelming. Let’s face it, looking for a job is a fulltime job. But you don’t need to do it alone, we can help.

  • We are your talent agents
  • We find the jobs that match your skill set
  • We manage the whole process from beginning to end
  • We work for you 24/7

Areas of Expertise

✓ Media Assistants

✓ Media Buyers

✓ Media Planners/Strategists

✓ Marketing/Business Dev.


✓ Social Media Specialists

✓ AdOps

✓ Project Managers

✓ Sales

✓ Sales Assistants/Co-ordinators

✓ Research

✓ Manager/Supervisor

Call us directly at +1.416.892.7281