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How to Build and Keep Morale High with Your Employees!

By Kim Dougherty | February 26, 2018

Morale is low in the Media industry right now, employees are over worked, over whelmed and Agencies do not have enough employees and time, it has created a lot of stress. There are bigger demands from clients as they try to save money and more pressure from meeting/exceeding high expectations to be able keep your…

Media Consumption Changing Landscape

By Kim Dougherty | February 26, 2018

Changes in technology and availability have impacted the way people consume media and the way people consume media has had a large impact on the media industry and created change in the landscape. History • VCRs came into the home and took viewership away from TV and gave us movies at our convenience • The…

Navigating The New Media Industry

By Kim Dougherty | February 9, 2018

Having Difficulty navigating the New Media Industry there are solutions to your staffing problems. Read this article to help you get your company to a place of success.