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How to Build and Keep Morale High with Your Employees!

How to Build and Keep Morale High with Your Employees!

Morale is low in the Media industry right now, employees are over worked, over whelmed and Agencies do not have enough employees and time, it has created a lot of stress. There are bigger demands from clients as they try to save money and more pressure from meeting/exceeding high expectations to be able keep your job in this ever changing industry. Companies are looking for ways to keep employees engaged and focused to be able to produce top notch work as effectly and efficiently as possible.

Morale in a company is extremely important as are the employees who get the work done and companies must make sure they are able to attract and keep great people. Although it can be difficult to ensure everyone is happy all the time, below are 10 ways to engage employees and make them feel like they are respected and contribute to the overall success for the company:

1. Promote from within

Employees will work hard as long as they know that it will get them somewhere and knowing that being promoted is an option is always a great motivator

2. One on one meetings on a regular basis

It is the opportunity to recognize accomplishments and provide valuable feedback, it also allows the employees the time to let you know their thoughts

3. Weekly Team status meetings

Good time to recognize accomplishments of the team, also allows all team members to know what is going on within the group and gives opportunity for everyone to get involved

4. Give a specific responsibility to every member of the team

This makes people feel they are important and a contributor to the group outside of their daily duties(example: each week have a different team member facilitating the weekly status meeting)

5. Flexibility in the work place

Being able to offer and extra day off, flex hours and/or the ability to work from home shows that work life balance is important and the company respects its people

6. Talk to team members every day

Provide an environment of openness and sharing so that the employees feel comfortable and relaxed at work as so much time is spent in the workplace

7. Team activities

Bring fun ideas of team building into the group, people enjoy interacting with the team in different ways, it allows employees to get to know each other and break up the stress of their daily workload (Example get the team involved in a scavenger hunt or have a team picnic)

8. Brighten up work space

Allow the employees to bring in personal items like artwork/pictures, colourful lamp etc. or put up a common bulletin board for employees to post their interests

9. Gym and Health plans

As healthy living has become more important, offering benefits will provide a lot to an employee as they want to know that their health is important to the company and they are going to be cared for

10. Provide avenues for education

Giving people the opportunity for improving their education to be able to get to the next level or change jobs within the company keeps them motivated to stay and be loyal to the company

These are easy steps to take to create an environment that employees want to work in and stay with the company. When given the opportunity to thrive and grow employees embrace this and become more productive which in turn allows the whole organization to benefit from bottom to top.

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