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The New Age of Media (non) Staffing

As a relatively new company focused on helping the media industry fill their talent requirements, it sure has been an eye-opening experience. One that has given us a great bird’s eye view of staffing in media and, as a result, making us question what the new-age staffing policies are ultimately doing to the industry as…

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How to Build and Keep Morale High with Your Employees!

How to Build and Keep Morale High with Your Employees! Morale is low in the Media industry right now, employees are over worked, over whelmed and Agencies do not have enough employees and time, it has created a lot of stress. There are bigger demands from clients as they try to save money and more…

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Media Consumption Changing Landscape

Media Consumption Changing Landscape Changes in technology and availability have impacted the way people consume media and the way people consume media has had a large impact on the media industry and created change in the landscape. History • VCRs came into the home and took viewership away from TV and gave us movies at…

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