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Our Process

STEP 1: You reach out via phone, text, email, website, or social media.

STEP 2: You brief us on your needs. You inform us if it's short or long term, supply us with a job description, and give us a brief outline of the type of person that you are looking for

STEP 3: We supply you with resumes. We will send you 3 resumes at a time to evaluate. You take a look and let us know if any of them suit your needs. If not, we supply you with more resumes.

STEP 4: We set up interviews accordingly. After the selection process has been completed, we will set up interviews with all selected candidates.

STEP 5: You select the candidate. Once everyone has been interviewed, you let us know which candidate is the best fit for you.

STEP 6: We do the rest. We negotiate the terms and complete the paperwork.

STEP 7: Our services are100% private and confidential.

Areas of Expertise

✓ Media Assistants

✓ Media Buyers

✓ Media Planners/Strategists

✓ Marketing/Business Dev.


✓ Social Media Specialists

✓ AdOps

✓ Project Managers

✓ Sales

✓ Sales Assistants/Co-ordinators

✓ Research

✓ Manager/Supervisor


Temporary employment, hourly rate, unspecified number of hours/weeks

Temporary employment, hourly rate, specified length of hours/weeks


Hired for a permanent, fulltime employment

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