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Navigating The New Media Industry

The New Media Industry has been changing and evolving very quickly in the past 5 years with all the mergers and acquisitions, changing the landscape. As the media industry continues to change and evolve so does the way we use the people within it.

Two major changes have affected who we hire and how we use the skill sets available.

Consolidation of the New Media Industry

There’s been a lot of consolidation within the New Media Industry both on the agency and supplier side. As the industry get smaller so does the amount of people who work within it. Companies are cutting staff to improve their bottom line. Because people in the industry are usually the biggest expense a company has, they tend to need flexibility when it comes to staffing. Companies are seeing the people as being dispensable to be able to be nibble to move into the future. This also puts more work on the people who are left standing while the company looks for the “right fit” after they have just downsized. The uncertainty of people’s jobs creates an environment of overworked, underappreciated and stressed out staff. We have to help and come up with ways to improve the work place and keep the staff happy.

Digital Future of the New Media Industry

As Agencies and suppliers move into the New Media Industry they are looking for the right people to do the jobs that are being created as we move along. You’ll find that often these people don’t exist. As a result of not having the right people to move into the future companies are not able to progress and people are struggling to keep up. Again there are not enough staff to do the work and people are overwhelmed and morale is very low. The result is a lot of movement between companies to find a better environment (somewhere that fits their needs and wants) and more money.


Keep a solid base of consistent people, pay them well and provide benefits that will keep them happy and motivated. Then bring in people on a temporary basis to fill in during the busy times. No need to pay them benefits or even give them a desk and a computer. This is a very turnkey solution for all companies both Agency and Suppliers. This solution will help provide an excellent work environment, with motivated people who will get the work done with very little overhead. The permanent employees will be able to focus on their jobs and will be happier and more productive.

The result is a company that generates better and more creative solutions to meet the Client’s needs.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you navigate the New Media Industry, whether you are a job seeker or an employer looking to hire.


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