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Ad Club Digital Day Paparazzi

Media Staffing Inc enjoyed a day in the wild at Ad Club of Toronto’s Digital Day. The event was sold out, with over 600 industry professionals coming out to attend a jam-packed day of speakers and panels. Congratulations to the Digital Day committee for hosting an outstanding event! We were so glad to be a ... Read more

Real Talk: Go digital or go home?

What do you need to work in media these days? Well, that’s a good question, and it can certainly vary.  Some say that extensive digital knowledge is necessary for success. Not sure about that “extensive” part. Granted, knowledge of digital and social are essential, given that they are an integral part of the overall media ... Read more

Three Cheers for Media Reunions

It’s Friday, no better day of the week to talk about Media parties, a personal fan favourite of mine, followed closely by media lunches. If you know, you know. The Pilot, Hemmingway’s, Wylie’s, and Betty’s are classic venues with so much history with the media business. Every media organization had their local, and others just ... Read more

Ad Club Ski Day 2023

The Advertising Club of Toronto Ski & Snowboard Day 2023 event at Georgian Peaks did not disappoint! The crowd was bigger than ever, and we were thrilled to meet on-site with the people who make working in media and marketing so much fun. Congratulations to the committee and sponsors for putting together a fantastic event. ... Read more

Ageism in the Media Industry

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room again: ageism in the media. It’s real, and it’s unfortunate. It may come as a surprise, but many senior media people are no longer interested in senior positions and climbing the ladder just doesn’t appeal to them anymore. Many have had their fill of jockeying for position and ... Read more

Busy office with people meeting around a table.

The Great Return

The “Great Return” to in-office working I can already feel how polarizing this subject will be. Many cringe at the thought of the increasing hybrid work format and the direction it could be headed. I get it; really, I do. The added stress of a commute can be frustrating, especially when the ROI for the ... Read more

Bad boss blog post graphic image.

Bad Boss

I had a really bad boss once. Like, really bad. Did he pick on me? Yes, he did. Did I lose sleep over it? Yes, I did. Did it give me anxiety? Yes, it did. Did I survive and thrive? Yes, I did! Bad bosses are ubiquitous, and the unfortunate thing is, you don’t know ... Read more

Hire for these skills and you cannot lose

When going through the hiring process it is easy to get hung up on the specific skills that are related to the position. While this is important (you wouldn’t hire a writer who couldn’t spell) there are a few over-arching skills that are vital for ensuring successful hiring practices. Here are the five top skills ... Read more

Five simple tips for effective time management

Five simple tips for effective time management Everyone wants to be productive and efficient at work. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, managing your time well is a must if you want to get the most productivity out of your day. It has also been proven that good time management can reduce stress, ... Read more

The Bad Interview Survival Guide

Let’s face it, interviews are stressful and overcoming a bad interview is no less stressful. No matter how much you prepare there is always the possibility that it will not go as planned. Whether the interviewer asks you a question that you weren’t prepared for, or you are just not feeling your best on that ... Read more

How to maintain your mental health while working from home

Even as COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted across the country, many companies are still opting to have their employees work from home. While some may have adapted well to working remotely, for many who depend on the routine of getting up and going to work to maintain their mental health and wellbeing, the past few ... Read more

Tips and Tools for Your Job Search

Shout out to all the 2020 college and university graduates! Even if the celebrations were muted this year due to the crazy circumstances, there is no lack of recognition for all the work and effort you have put into your post-secondary years. Congratulations on your perseverance and success!!! And now it is time to find ... Read more

It’s About More Than Just the Media Industry

I know that the last while has been a bit surreal and scary, given the precarious work situations, the social distancing, the stay-at-home rules, and so many hours spent on Zoom that we have lost count. But it’s really about more than just the media industry and, as things slowly begin to open up, here’s ... Read more

Covid-19 and the Media Industry

Changes are happening As technology continues to evolve, and the media industry continues to change generationally, the time has now come for employers to address working from home in a more serious and constructive way. Yes, allowing employees to work from home has already been happening, but it has been happening at a snail’s pace. ... Read more

The New Age of Media (non) Staffing

As a relatively new company focused on helping the media industry fill their talent requirements, it sure has been an eye-opening experience. One that has given us a great bird’s eye view of staffing in media and, as a result, making us question what the new-age staffing policies are ultimately doing to the industry as ... Read more