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Our Difference

Well, for starters, we love media. We love the people and we love the passion and creativity they bring to their work each and every day.

The next reason we're different is because we have actually worked in the industry, which means we have first-hand experience and understanding of the jobs you are trying to find. We know the difference between Buyer and Planner, we know what SEO/SEM is, we know that Digital and Traditional Media are two different things needing different skill sets, we know the personalities and cultures of the various media agencies and suppliers. On top of that, our years in media have provided us with a really solid network of contacts.

But what makes us really different? It's simple. We are your talent agents and we just really want to help. Send us your resume today and let us make you part of the solution.

Areas of Expertise

✓ Media Assistants

✓ Media Buyers

✓ Media Planners/Strategists

✓ Marketing/Business Dev.


✓ Social Media Specialists

✓ AdOps

✓ Project Managers

✓ Sales

✓ Sales Assistants/Co-ordinators

✓ Research

✓ Manager/Supervisor

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